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So I recognize that some folks out there are going, "But wait! Who is this 'Raven' you play? How can we be expected to appreciate a semi-minor character (he toes the line) in a spinoff comic? Don't you worry, people. I will show you the ways of Raven and I will do it through the use of random panels and/or pages of the "Jack of Fables" comics, taken completely out of context.

These are some of my favorites. Are they all winners? No. But I like them so they're the ones you get.

^--Know who rocks an awesome coat? This Native American.

Let it be known-- Raven is not your friend unless his spirit animals tell him to be.

Yes, Raven just spearheaded a rescue operation. Yes, he's all for offing one of the survivors.

Ditching everyone? NO! Just...going for a walk.

Cheating at cards? NO! Just...found an extra ace up his sleeve.

Transforming back from a giant bird? N--wait, yes, actually. That's pretty cool.

Leaving his traveling companions to their doom? No. Just...uh. Family reunion.

Being a lazy sack of shit Shirking in duties? No. Just taking a quick, extended rest.

Throwing people off trains? No, just...look, they didn't have their tickets and they didn't pay their fare, okay? And it's not like he wasn't summarily thrown off the train himself. He's suffered enough.

Oh, bitch, bitch, bitch, Bird Spirit. It's not like Raven's forgotten. He's well aware of all he's done.

See? He didn't abandon them. Honest.

But perhaps what Raven does the best in the comics is stand in the background and hang out. I don't mean that mockingly; I honestly enjoy seeing him just chillin', arms crossed, against some wall or maybe not even. He doesn't need to say anything to be a presence.

Wait a minute. You're not Jack.

Yeah, I dunno what's up either.


Walking bottles? Doesn't even care.

I don't have anything witty for this one. I like it and that's about it.

Nah, man. Your nails are fine. You don't need a manicure.

Ah, boredom. Raven's arch-nemesis.

Uh. Maybe you wanna step back into the light a bit, Raven.

Well! If those scans don't win you over, I don't know what will! Any final words, Raven?

I-- what? Well, no, I don't think it was wise to ask you. Never mind.


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