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Since Raven's big purpose in life is doing as he's instructed by his animal spirit, I figured I'd post a collection of all his interactions with said spirit for anyone who was curious. Why? Because I'm a huge nerd with nothing better to do obviously, but also because I like giving folks a chance to preview canon material whenever possible.

So! Suffice to say, there are spoilers, I'm just rambling with my thoughts, and there won't be much in the way of explanation on most of these scans. But if you're curious, read on!

The first real mention of Raven doing the bidding of the spirits comes when he's informed that it's Jack, not Wicked John, who is a copy (long story, just roll with it).

So, yeah. The spirits tell Raven to befriend someone, he does it. And if you're not that special chosen one, uh, tough beans.

Still kind of harsh to ditch your best friend, bro.

Despite his initial politeness and relatively upbeat attitude when it comes to following Bird Spirit's orders, the first time we actually see the interaction between the two, it's not exactly sunshine and daisies. Granted, by this point Raven's had a chance to see what sort of a douche bag person Jack Horner is in action and he's a little less enthusiastic about sticking around and helping him out. But this is why I love the interactions between Raven and Bird Spirit-- they're so vitriolic. Raven is rude to others on occasion, most definitely. But he's the most bitter in his interactions with his animal spirit, despite always doing his bidding.

Even when he wants to back stab and be a general asshole, Bird Spirit is there to make sure he does exactly as he's supposed to. Because Bird Spirit don't take no back sass.

...which is not to say he doesn't occasionally advise Raven in a positive manner. It's just very rare that you see Raven content with the outcome of the commands. Also, I enjoy that Raven is the only one who can see the spirit and one must assume that he has a lot of one-sided conversations in the eyes of others.

Ah, that's more like it, Raven. Status quo and all that.

I'll let the next few pages (shut up, I know it's excessive) speak for themselves.

And even though Raven's pretty much forgotten/abandoned the whole "protect Jack" thing, he throws down his relatively peaceful new existence to go protect him again. Because Bird Spirit said so.

But, uh, yeah. Bird Spirit is kind of fucking with them at this point. Too bad Raven's a good little direction follower.

...fuck you, Bird Spirit.

Although I suppose that's a fine way to punctuate the end of their relationship.


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