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This is an RP journal for Raven from the "Fables"/"Jack of Fables" universe. I do not own him. It is meant in good fun.

One day, I'll write up an actual profile. Until then, have a quick character summary from Comic Vine.

Raven, you idiot. You have a pair of jacks and a pair sevens already. Put those down and hold on to your last one...

Still not so sure about this cool dude?

Raven and Bird Spirit: A Beautiful Friendship

Interests (24):

animal spirits, bird spirit, cheating at cards, cheating at chess, cons, fables, follow spirit orders, jack horner, lying, making bets, money, my sweet red necklace, native american pride, not headshots, shoplifting, stealing, tagging along, tricks, trickster archetype, turning into giant birds, turning into regular sized birds, wealth, wearing black, wicked john (eh)
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